A & B Self Storage

A & B Self Storage is our sister company.
Contact info:

A & B Self Storage

176 Elk Valley Road 
Crescent City, CA 95531  
Phone: 707-219-8480
Hours: by appointment only!
Does your business have paper documents taking up too much space? 

A & B Self Storage is just what you need. Even in today’s electronic world, many businesses and government agencies have hardcopy paper documents that are filed and stored often taking up too much space. Several organizations have found that storing these files in self-storage units is the best solution. Our facilities offer many advantages for records storage. We have units in many sizes to fit your needs, they are easy to access, secure and temperature controlled units are available. 

Things you should know about storing your paper documents:

Storing paper documents has to be carefully considered. Outside factors, such as temperature, light and humidity, directly effect paper. Warm, moist air can cause mold spores to sprout on paper. Light also damages paper causing inks to fade and accelerating the browning of the paper. 

A & B Self Storage will help provide you the supplies and space needed to secure and protect your documents.